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Hello and welcome to the #goodwoodbooks blog. This blog is about books that are about wood.

The purpose of this blog is to share reviews of my favorite #goodwoodbooks. The writings here will blend my two biggest passions, woodworking and life-long learning

If you're ready to dive into some of the BEST woodworking books I've read, jump to these Top Ten lists.

Top 10 How

Top 10 Why

Top 10 What

Still with me?

Perhaps you'd like to know a bit more then.

My name is David. I've been a woodworker since 2003. My woodworking education has mainly come through reading books.

When I first started off, I got the advice to READ AS MANY BOOKS AS YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON!

I took that advice, and over the years, I've read A LOT of books about wood and woodworking.

Some have been life changing. Others .... eh .... not so much.

I'm a "book learner". I'm often too intimidated to attempt "hands on" learning until I've read a couple books. At the very least, I like to have a general understanding of the "lingo". Google is a good search tool, but it works so much better when you are search the right words.

You'll learn more about me as you read the book reviews, so let me share a bit about the reviews themselves.

So Many Books!

Woodworking is a big subject and people have been writing about it for a long time. There is plenty to write about and I can't wait to share my favorite books with you.

Top Tens

To get started, I'd like to share three Top Ten lists, one for each of the "How - Why - What" topics. These are the books that I feel epitomize the categories. If you'd like to improve your knowledge base in any of these areas, I highly recommend checking out these books. Click the links below to check them out.

Top 10 How

Top 10 Why

Top 10 What


More About The Categories

How - Why - What

Each book review will include an image like the one below. I call this the How - Why - What Venn Diagram. I think the best woodworking books hit that sweet spot right in the middle. They Inspire, Instruct and Inform in a way that makes you want to get out to the shop and make shavings!



A book will rank high in the "How" category if it is instructional in a general way. A pure "How" book would cover individual techniques outside the context of actual projects.



A "Why" book is inspirational. It might be a life story or a book about historical periods.



The "What" category is reserved for books that are project based but lack information about the techniques required to build the projects.

Thank You

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