Heritage Woodworking can take many forms, here are some examples



Recycling is a process of breakdown and rebirth. The original form is completely discarded and something new is built from the raw materials.

This is best for projects where only a small amount of material is available. Recycled material is merged with new wood to build a project embedded with meaning.


Projects that maintain more of the structure or character of the original material fall under reclaiming. On these projects, care is taken to preserve the original surface and patina.

This is best for project with sound source material that has been imbued with the spirit of the craftsmen who came before. Tooled surfaces, writing, or other character marks are preserved and passed on to the next generation.


For projects that just need a facelift, upcycling can be the answer. An upcycled project starts with a piece you want to save and turns it into something you can continue to treasure. 

If a project isn't changing form, the first step is to establish structural integrity. From there, colors and surfaces can change to suit your preferences.