Top 10 #goodwoodbooks on WHY

WHY= Inspiration

The following "Why" books are my favorite inspirational woodworking books. I'll be sharing more in-depth reviews of these books individually in the future but I feel its important to list these here to be an example of excellent "Why" books.

So if you, or someone you know has gotten into a woodworking "funk", pick up one of these books for a big boost!

Lets get into the list! 

These books are listed in no particular order. I love them all!!

Soul of a Tree

George Nakashima

Reverence for Wood

Eric Sloane

Why We Make Things and Why It Matters

Peter Korn

The Anarchist's Tool Chest

Christopher Schwarz

A Splintered History of Wood

Spike Carlsen

A Handmade Life

Bill Copperthwaite

Eshrick, Maloof, Nakashima - Homes of the Master Wood Artisans

Skinner and Whitsitt

Contemporary American Woodworkers


Sam Maloof - Woodworker


The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking

James Krenov

Well, there is the list. Comment below with your favorite inspirational woodworking books.

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